Why Join Unicode

Who should join?

If you work with software and text, you or your organization should. The Unicode Consortium counts among its members premier corporations, governments, research and educational institutions, industry groups and associations, and individuals who are leaders in internationalization, fonts, rendering, and all aspects of text processing. The members of the Consortium extend, maintain and promote the Unicode Standard and other standards related to internationalization technologies.

Why join?

Membership in the Unicode Consortium shows your organization attaches the upmost importance to international growth markets, and It offers your organization the opportunity to take a leading role in international standards work. You can play a fundamental role in developing or maintaining core modern technology such as XML, Java, and Windows text behavior. Projects include:

  • Developing standards, algorithms, and data to ensure interoperability in content and interchange of text.
  • Meeting the needs of industry and users by adding new characters, including symbols, ideographs, unencoded scripts, etc.
  • Incorporating Unicode into other standardization efforts: international and industry standards, protocols, data formats, software security policies, etc.

The Unicode technical committees carry out the technical work of the Consortium. They are unrivaled sources of expertise on all aspects of internationalization, multilingual and multiscript systems, and bring together the seasoned key players and new talent in software internationalization.

The Consortium welcomes industry vendors, researchers, implementers, government and educational organizations, and end-users.