How to Use this Site

Welcome to the Unicode public website. Members of the public and press will find information here about the Unicode Consortium, its mission, and projects. The links along the left should help you find what you need to know about Unicode, emoji, how you can Adopt a Character, how to participate, and other topics.

The Unicode Consortium also maintains a large, technical site, accessible at That site contains all the technical documentation about the Unicode Standard and many other standards, and provides access to data and internationalization libraries for programmers and other technical users. It also services the work of the technical committees in their ongoing work.

A search function is provided to the left to help you find material which may be archived away on the technical site. Note that because of the age of the technical site and the nature of the documentation there, it is not particularly mobile-friendly. Your best experience when visiting the technical site would be with a laptop, rather than a mobile device. Sorry. 