Emoji 11.0 data has been released, with 157 new emoji such as:

hot face
woozy face
woman, red haired:
light skin tone
man, curly haired:
dark skin tone
woman superhero
pirate flag

The new Emoji
set is fixed and final, and includes the data needed for vendors to
begin working on their emoji fonts and code ahead of the release of Unicode
11.0, scheduled for June 2018. The new emoji typically start showing up on
mobile phones in August or September.

The man and woman emoji can now have various hair styles
(red-haired, curly-haired, white-haired, and bald), and the new superhero and
supervillain support genders and skin tones. The new leg and foot also support
skin tones.

The new emoji are listed in

Emoji Recently Added v11.0
, with sample images. These images are just
samples: vendors for mobile phones, PCs, and web platforms will typically use
images that fit their overall emoji designs. In particular, the

Emoji Ordering v11.0
chart shows how the new emoji sort compared to the
others, with new emoji marked with rounded-rectangles. The other
Emoji Charts
for Version 11.0
have been updated to show the emoji.

The version number for this release of Unicode emoji is jumping
from the previously-released Emoji 5.0 to Emoji 11.0 (instead of 6.0) — starting
with this release, the version number for emoji is synchronized with the
corresponding version number of the Unicode Standard.

To be considered for emoji 12.0, new
emoji proposals must
be submitted before the end of March 2018. This schedule is to align with the
2019 release of the Unicode Standard.

The 157 new emoji will soon be available for
adoption to
help the Unicode Consortium’s work on digitally disadvantaged languages.

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