Image of Kristi LeeThe
2020 Unicode Bulldog Award recognizes Kristi Lee for her significant contributions to
the work of the Unicode Consortium’s CLDR Technical Committee. Upon joining
the CLDR committee as Microsoft’s representative, Kristi quickly focused on improving
CLDR development and release processes, enabling the CLDR team to work far more
efficiently and effectively. This has improved the functionality of the CLDR Survey
Tool, and thus better serves the users of CLDR releases. Among many
other improvements, she instituted and organized periodic CLDR
face-to-face meetings where the team can focus on strategic planning. Through
all these efforts, Kristi has brought strong leadership to enable more
streamlined development and a better focus on future directions.

In 2020, Kristi was formally made Vice Chair of the CLDR Technical Committee, a role she had effectively filled for some time!