Unicode® ICU 71 has just been released. ICU is the
premier library for software
, used by a
wide array of companies and organizations
to support the world’s languages,
implementing both the latest version of the Unicode Standard and of the Unicode
locale data (CLDR). ICU 71 updates to

locale data with various additions and corrections.

ICU 71 adds phrase-based line breaking for Japanese. Existing line
breaking methods follow standards and conventions for body text but do not work
well for short Japanese text, such as in titles and headings. This new feature
is optimized for these use cases.

ICU 71 adds support for Hindi written in Latin letters (hi_Latn).
The CLDR data for this increasingly popular locale has been significantly
revised and expanded. Note that based on user expectations, hi_Latn incorporates
a large amount of English, and can also be referred to as “Hinglish”.

ICU 71 and CLDR 41 are minor releases, mostly focused on bug fixes
and small enhancements. (The fall CLDR/ICU releases will update to Unicode 15
which is planned for September.) We are also working to re-establish continuous
performance testing for ICU, and on development towards future versions.

ICU 71 updates to the time zone data version 2022a. Note that
pre-1970 data for a number of time zones has been removed, as has been the case
in the upstream tzdata release
since 2021b.

For details, please see

Over 144,000 characters are available for adoption
to help the Unicode Consortium’s work on digitally disadvantaged languages