Getting Involved

Becoming a Member

Members of the Consortium can participate more actively by getting involved with any of the three technical committees. It’s a great idea to join the Unicode Consortium if you work with software and text or localization. For more information, see Joining the Unicode Consortium.

Unicode Technical Committee (UTC)

The UTC develops the Unicode Standard and its associated standards, algorithms, and data to ensure interoperability in content and interchange of text. The UTC encodes new characters, including symbols, ideographs, and unencoded scripts, to meet the needs of industry, governments, and user communities throughout the world.

Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR)

The Unicode CLDR provides the world’s most extensive standard repository of locale data, used by companies for their software internationalization and localization. See how you, your company, or your government can improve support for your language on phones and computers.

International Components for Unicode (ICU)

The ICU provides software that implements the Unicode data and algorithms through a set of widely used C/C++ and Java libraries. Learn how to contribute to the ICU here:

The Unicode Conference

The Unicode Consortium holds an annual Internationalization and Unicode Conference. You can attend the conference to learn more about Unicode and localization or even present a paper.