By Elango Cheran

On September 28th, Unicode held a webinar on the “Overview of
Internationalization and Unicode Projects” for Unicode enthusiasts. More than
180 people across 30 countries joined us for this online event.

The Consortium is pleased to now make available the videos from
this event. If you are new to Unicode and internationalization or want an
overview of the most recent projects, check out

our new YouTube playlist
Technical Quick
Start Guide

Our Technical Leadership and other experts provide a handy overview on such topics as:

Introduction to Internationalization
– Addison Phillips,
Internationalization Engineer

Unicode Consortium: Past, Present, and Future
– Mark Davis, Cofounder and President

Scripts and Character Encoding
– Deborah Anderson, Chair of the Script Ad Hoc Committee

Unicode CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository)
– Mark Davis and Annemarie Apple, Chair and Vice Chair of the CLDR Committee

Unicode ICU (International Components for Unicode)
– Markus Scherer, Chair of ICU Committee

Unicode ICU4X 2022
– Shane Carr, Chair of ICU4X Subcommittee

Also included in the playlist is the

audience Q&A
with Elango Charan, the webinar’s emcee,  and Mark Davis,
Cofounder and President of Unicode.

Unicode Technical Quick Start Guide
is also now available. The guide
explains what Unicode is, including answering the question, “What is
Internationalization and Why it Matters.”  There is also an overview of the
technical committees and useful links to more detailed information and how you
can get involved.

Learn more about how you can support the Unicode Consortium and our mission, including information on our Adopt-a-Character program, here!