Taking Playfulness Seriously—When character sets are used in
unexpected ways

HEEEEELLLLLLOOOO friends of Unicode! HaVE yoU HEard? 🚨🚨This
year’s keynote speaker is
Gretchen McCulloch, internet
linguist and bestselling author of the 2019 book, Because Internet:
Understanding the New Rules of Language. ✍️ You ✍️ may ✍️ also ✍️ know ✍️
Gretchen ✍️ from ✍️ her ✍️ column ✍️ about ✍️ internet ✍️ language ✍️ in ✍️
WIRED. If you aren’t familiar withGretchen’s book it includes great insights of
how language and technology evolves! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear
from her in person. (♥ω♥*)

Her talk, “Taking Playfulness Seriously—When character sets are
used in unexpected ways,” explores those trailblazing language disrupters, who
aren’t checking out the Oxford English dictionary or asking themselves, “What
would my college English prof do about this comma?” You know who you are! 👀
She’ll discuss all the creative ways real-life netizens playfully create ASCII
art out of text or combine emoji to convey new meanings, as well as the problems
that arise when these kinds of creative uses clash with technical tools behind
the scenes that aren’t expecting the unexpected—and what some solutions might
look like.

In addition to Gretchen McCulloch, the conference offers Unicode
tutorials, talks and panels on internationalization, web design, emoji,
indigenous languages, historical scripts, and more. Of course, the conference
also includes plenty of networking opportunities, as well as a special
celebration of the Unicode Consortium’s 30th anniversary!

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